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Monthly Archives: February 2008

I have a Exchange 2003 SP2 setup with a front-end server and two backend servers (active/active cluster), together with Enterprise Vault 2007 SP2 (7.5 SP2).
The domain structure consist of a root domain called contoso.net and a subdomain called intra.contoso.net where the Exchange servers is placed. The SMTP domain for Exchange is called contoso.com.
When I run BackEnd2003Setup.wsf I gave me this error in the BackEnd2003Setup.wsf.log file:
26-02-2008 20:51:16 : Error : ConfigureSchema : ADO connection error: -2146105340
26-02-2008 20:51:16 : Error : ConfigureSchema : Failed to make ADO connection to: http://BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/intra.contoso.net/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/
The result was that the Public Folder schema was updated with OWA forms.

From a dos prompt I changed to C:Program FilesEnterprise VaultOWA and ran this command “
cscript BackEnd2003Setup.wsf /formregdomain:contoso.com” and then it worked as a dream. The public folder schema was updated correctly

26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : ConfigureSchema : Creating ADODB Connection…
26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : ConfigureSchema : Connected to: http:// BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/contoso.com/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/
26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : CreateKVSSchemaFolder : Opened folder: http:// BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/contoso.com/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/KVS
26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : CreateKVSSchemaFolder : Opened folder: http:// BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/contoso.com/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/KVS/OWA2003Forms
26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : CreateKVSSchemaFolder : Opened folder: http:// BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/contoso.com/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/Default

I have an Exchange 2003 SP2 setup with a front-end server and two backend servers(active/active cluster), together with Enterprise Vault 2007 SP2 (7.5 SP2).

I could access archived items fine from the OWA but the Archive Explorer and Archive Search both showed blank pages.

The file evservers.txt which is used on both the front-end and backend servers to configure the proxy bypass list was saved in ANSI format. After I saved the file in Unicode format and ran the BackEnd2003Setup.wsf file again, then archive explorer and search worked as it should.
In the BackEnd2003Setup.wsf.log file you can also see that it now can read the entries in evservers.txt

I just bumped into the official Microsoft Office Visio Stencil Containing Shapes for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

This is need 2 have, for sure!



The Microsoft Communicator Team has published a good article about the integration of Outlook and Communicator

Communicator and Exchange – Special considerations for deploying Communicator in an Exchange environment


Regards, Rasmus

Office Communicator shows this error when connection from outside the company network.


Communicator could not retrieve calendar or Out of Office information from Exchange Web Services. Communicator will automatically continue to retry. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator.

There are few pages with related questions and solutions:



Solving “e-mail address already exists in this organization” problem when you cannot find the owner of an email address.

When creating an e-mail address for a user in active directory, you get the message “This e-mail address already exists in this organization. ID no: c10312e7 Microsoft Active Directory – Exchange Extension”

Finding email addresses with LDIFDE or CSVDE, only exports user and contact details. If the email address you are looking for is used by a public folder, the it will not show up in the export.

Heres an easier and faster way:

Using the Active Directory Users and Computers utility, right click on the domain, choose Find. In the Find: dropdown list, choose “Custom Search” and in the In: dropdown list, choose “Entire Directory”. Click the Advanced property page and enter the following LDAP query: “proxyaddresses=smtp:exampel@domain.com”


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