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I have a Exchange 2003 SP2 setup with a front-end server and two backend servers (active/active cluster), together with Enterprise Vault 2007 SP2 (7.5 SP2).
The domain structure consist of a root domain called contoso.net and a subdomain called intra.contoso.net where the Exchange servers is placed. The SMTP domain for Exchange is called contoso.com.
When I run BackEnd2003Setup.wsf I gave me this error in the BackEnd2003Setup.wsf.log file:
26-02-2008 20:51:16 : Error : ConfigureSchema : ADO connection error: -2146105340
26-02-2008 20:51:16 : Error : ConfigureSchema : Failed to make ADO connection to: http://BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/intra.contoso.net/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/
The result was that the Public Folder schema was updated with OWA forms.

From a dos prompt I changed to C:Program FilesEnterprise VaultOWA and ran this command “
cscript BackEnd2003Setup.wsf /formregdomain:contoso.com” and then it worked as a dream. The public folder schema was updated correctly

26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : ConfigureSchema : Creating ADODB Connection…
26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : ConfigureSchema : Connected to: http:// BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/contoso.com/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/
26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : CreateKVSSchemaFolder : Opened folder: http:// BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/contoso.com/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/KVS
26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : CreateKVSSchemaFolder : Opened folder: http:// BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/contoso.com/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/KVS/OWA2003Forms
26-02-2008 21:51:12 : Debug : CreateKVSSchemaFolder : Opened folder: http:// BackEndServer1/exadmin/admin/contoso.com/Public%20Folders/%23%23SchemaURI%23%23/Default

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