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Dear all

Its time for an update on the forthcoming release of Office Communications Server, The OCS 2007 R2.

Wave 13
This is the internal name for Office Communications Server 2007 R2 at Microsoft. The “wave” indicates that we can expect more than just e few additional features in this release, and from what i have seen and heard so far, this will be true. Wave 14??? Yes there is also a Wave 14, most likely to be OCS 2009.

Its official now. The OCS team is now openly discussing the next release on their blog, and its confirmed that OCS 2007 R2 will be 64 bit only. Rumor has it that some components might still need to be 32 bit, like the Communicator Web Access.

There has been rumors of an public beta of Office Communications Server 2007 r2, but there is none out there yet. I am not sure we will see a public beta of OCS 2007 R2, because of the limited time until its release. The current beta program is running as an TAP program (Technology Adoption) and is out there for selected customers mostly in the US. There have been inside rumors of a second program, but I’m not sure this will be public.

As always, this article is mostly based on rumors. But I hope it can help in your plans to deploy Unified Communications



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