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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Microsoft has released a new patch for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007


Issue that the hotfix rollup package fixes

960423 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/960423/ ) Office Communicator 2007 cannot display Chinese characters in URLs when the EnableURL registry value is enabled
960424 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/960424/ ) You cannot prevent Office Communicator 2007 from controlling the call forwarding settings

Now that Microsoft has official announced the release of Office Communications Server 2007 R2, we can start to wonder when we can access the software and license.

The Official release is February 3rd 2009, and from this date we will be able to purchase the OCS 2007 R2 software licenses, but when will we get the software?

Some might say that we will have to wait until February and maybe longer. But a rumour is out there stating that the software might be available in mid December. Today is about the most middle of December as it gets, and I have looked most places for a hint of where to download the software officially, without any luck.

I will continue my search for the software, or at least the the truth about when we can get the software.

Stay tuned for more info


In a previous article i have described how the use federation branding (publishing a logo for Federation partners to identify external users by using a icon)

The Federation branding is working in LCS 2005, but in OCS 2007 it is not working for federation partners, but is working for LCS Federated users and MSN/Windows Live users.

Having done a lot of work on this, trying to figure out why this isn’t working, i have now found the truth….

Here it is:

Microsoft has disabled this feature in Office Communications Server 2007 ( and in ocs 2007 R2) with the reason that the design is insecure.

Security… Well how can this be insecure I asked. The answer is that Microsoft security team didn’t approve this feature when OCS 2007 was going through security revision before it RTM’ed back in 2007.

This is because that the federation branding architecture builds on the OCS client (would be) fetching the federation icon from the federation partner. This will leave an opening for evil hackers to possible exploit, but I don’t think that would happened right away. I think the security revision is right that the design/architecture is insecure.

Microsoft is aware that the Federation Branding feature is missed, and is working to find a way to put it back in the product in the future.

I hope this helps you search for answers, it sure helped me.



In the upcoming release of Office Communication Server 2007 R2, there is a brand new version of the Communicator Web Access.

The application was previously used as a add-on for OCS solutions that could allow users to log on to communicator via a web browser much as Outlook Web Access.

The upcoming version of OCS, the R2 release will use Communicator Web Access (CWA) much more as a part of the standard installation. To explain why, I will present some of the new uses for CWA:

Desktop Sharing
CWA can i R2 be used as web client for inviting external users (non OCS users) to connect and participate in web conference using a browser (instead of the Live Meeting client)

The Desktop Sharing (and viewing) feature is using a Internet Explorer add-in, that is installed when first accessing CWA. IE 7 is the preferred browser and will give the most functionality, but other browsers (also non Microsoft) will also work well, but with reduced functionality

Updated interface
The interface has been updated to the R2 “look” Also allowing users better Dial out control and distribution group control.

Customization options
It’s now possible to customize the loginpage and tabs of the CWA



The next release of Communicator Mobile, aka. CoMo 3 or Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile 2007 R2, has many exiting features, and uses over the version we know and use today.

Previous Microsoft hasn’t put Communicator Mobile in the spotlight, with good reason. The current version isn’t that usable and drains the battery of you cell phone.

The Next Version:

Single Number Reach
Its the ability to dial out from you cell phone showing you Office extension

The performance of CoMo is improved greatly.

Mobile Presence State
A way of showing that you are publishing presence from your mobile phone

Multi Platform support
The native client will use Windows mobile 6.0 or later. Other phones can use the Java client that also has many of the exiting new features.

For more info:

Communicator goes Mobile (at the Communicator Team site)




In addition to the above mentioned features, it is also roumered that there will be VoIP support (but probably not supported by MS yet) and camera support, so that you can use the build in camera of the phone. I really look forward to see if Microsft gets this functionallity in this release, but i’m pretty sure that it will come.

Microsoft has released a tool to migrate the global settings container:

The Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Global Settings Migration Tool enables Administrators of existing deployments of OCS 2007 to migrate the OCS-specific global settings residing in Active Directory, from the root domain’s System container to the Configuration container. The migration of OCS global settings to the Configuration container provides a better solution for decentralized AD topologies.

Office Communications Server 2007 Global Settings Migration Tool


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