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In the upcoming release of Office Communication Server 2007 R2, there is a brand new version of the Communicator Web Access.

The application was previously used as a add-on for OCS solutions that could allow users to log on to communicator via a web browser much as Outlook Web Access.

The upcoming version of OCS, the R2 release will use Communicator Web Access (CWA) much more as a part of the standard installation. To explain why, I will present some of the new uses for CWA:

Desktop Sharing
CWA can i R2 be used as web client for inviting external users (non OCS users) to connect and participate in web conference using a browser (instead of the Live Meeting client)

The Desktop Sharing (and viewing) feature is using a Internet Explorer add-in, that is installed when first accessing CWA. IE 7 is the preferred browser and will give the most functionality, but other browsers (also non Microsoft) will also work well, but with reduced functionality

Updated interface
The interface has been updated to the R2 “look” Also allowing users better Dial out control and distribution group control.

Customization options
It’s now possible to customize the loginpage and tabs of the CWA



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