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In a previous article i have described how the use federation branding (publishing a logo for Federation partners to identify external users by using a icon)

The Federation branding is working in LCS 2005, but in OCS 2007 it is not working for federation partners, but is working for LCS Federated users and MSN/Windows Live users.

Having done a lot of work on this, trying to figure out why this isn’t working, i have now found the truth….

Here it is:

Microsoft has disabled this feature in Office Communications Server 2007 ( and in ocs 2007 R2) with the reason that the design is insecure.

Security… Well how can this be insecure I asked. The answer is that Microsoft security team didn’t approve this feature when OCS 2007 was going through security revision before it RTM’ed back in 2007.

This is because that the federation branding architecture builds on the OCS client (would be) fetching the federation icon from the federation partner. This will leave an opening for evil hackers to possible exploit, but I don’t think that would happened right away. I think the security revision is right that the design/architecture is insecure.

Microsoft is aware that the Federation Branding feature is missed, and is working to find a way to put it back in the product in the future.

I hope this helps you search for answers, it sure helped me.



0 Responses to Federation Branding, or not.

  • Do you have any new insight now that they've included the branding.am as a sample application in the new OCS R2 SDK?

  • I have not heard about any changes to this subject. But i will investigate

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