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The next release of Communicator Mobile, aka. CoMo 3 or Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile 2007 R2, has many exiting features, and uses over the version we know and use today.

Previous Microsoft hasn’t put Communicator Mobile in the spotlight, with good reason. The current version isn’t that usable and drains the battery of you cell phone.

The Next Version:

Single Number Reach
Its the ability to dial out from you cell phone showing you Office extension

The performance of CoMo is improved greatly.

Mobile Presence State
A way of showing that you are publishing presence from your mobile phone

Multi Platform support
The native client will use Windows mobile 6.0 or later. Other phones can use the Java client that also has many of the exiting new features.

For more info:

Communicator goes Mobile (at the Communicator Team site)




In addition to the above mentioned features, it is also roumered that there will be VoIP support (but probably not supported by MS yet) and camera support, so that you can use the build in camera of the phone. I really look forward to see if Microsft gets this functionallity in this release, but i’m pretty sure that it will come.

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