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Hello all

The talk about the next version of Exchange, codename “E14″ also called Microsoft Exchange 14 is starting on the web. On TechNet Edge and the Exchange team blog, you can find a video about the product, mostly regarding the scalability of E14 and the test they are performing.

Here i hope i can put some light on the other features that we may see on the next release of Microsoft Exchange Server and when it will be released (RTM)

The Name:
I have to admit that this is my best guesses, the if were to bet on a name it would be:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2009

Other names that is out there:

  • Microsoft Exchange 14
  • E14
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 R2
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010*

*The name Exchange 2010 has been spotted on a MS download site

Feature of Exchange 14:

My best bet is that we will see the Exchange team make some important improvement to the interface, to make it possible to administer your Exchange server without having to use the management shell.

Scalability is also a high priority for Microsoft. I will not judge about the reason for this, but have in consideration that Microsoft in the future will have the largest Exchange environment in the world when they start to sell there hosted Exchange solution.

In the Unified Messaging (and unified communications) area there will be big improvements and new features. One specific feature that MS has mentioned is that location profile synchronization is no longer needed for OCS <-> Exchange integration.
Better Caller-ID resolution is also a “known” improvement. Huntgroup and Agent configuration and usage will also be improves.

One of the very cool features of Exchange 2007 is the ability to call and talk to your Exchange server, also called Outlook Voice Access. One of the major drawback with this feature is that it can only perform voice recognition with English. Also text to speech is limited to a few languages. In E14 Microsoft will expand the support to 26 languages for both voice recognition and text to speech.

Release date:
It´s always hard to guess about the release date of any software product. Microsoft is one of the best in the business to estimate the release dates of their products, and maybe the cause for this is that they don’t say before they are sure.

From what i have heard we will see E14 on the streets just after summer 2009. this is of course only a rumor but I believe that we will see the next Exchange Server this year.

Please don’t hesitate to post comment or information below



0 Responses to Exchange 14 Rumors (E14)

  • PLEASE put the management back into the GUI

    I love and hate exchange 2007. I love the reliability and the additional features. I HATE the simple management they took out of the management gui. Writing a script to list mailbox sizes is inane. Why the hell would you take a critical feature like that which was in the previous versions of the exchange management out and require powershell nonsense which requires you to type arcane incantations to do what only took a mouse click in previous versions.

    YEAH – YEAH we’ve heard how “powerfull” powershell is – funny – I think I’d run a linux server if I wanted to type scripts all day – oh wait – linux got smart and added a gui interface – why the hell is MS regressing. Can’t you spend a few bucks and find a programmer who can work with a gui interface? What the heck is Ballmer smoking? Please bring back classic Bill, new Ballmer MS sucks.

  • I agree. 2007 is a major step back. It’s like they didn’t finish the product. Everything the GUI does is exectued in powershell. A GUI is just a handy way to view an interface rathere than having to look a delineated text for everything.

    The shell can be useful, but usually you just give up before you actually figure out the 200 character string neccessary to do what you want.

  • as far a managing exchange 2007 with GUI , i suggest you’ll try exchange tasks 2007.

    extends active directory users and computers to support all your missing and even adds a bunch of cool stuff too (export mailbox for one..)


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