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On the Microsoft TechNet website, Microsoft has collected all the certified devices for OC 2007 & OC 2007 R2

Phones and Devices Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator:

We can expect some new releases of devices after MS puts R2 on the street. I have heard Polycom will be improving the CX200 USB handset with a NUM pad.

Watch the TechNet website (or this blog) for udates on new devices.


0 Responses to Phones and Devices for Office Communicator

  • Well what’s the “improvement” or value add of having a number dial pad on the CX200 USB device when you anyway have a full PC-keyboard byside (with a number pad anyway) AND where you most often dial by a persons name (or SIP Adress) and not his number anymore?
    Or where you dial out directly from a specific application by just clicking.

    This is the similar discussion we have with good-old-pbx-tradition-minded-people who still want a dedicated IP phone device with a BIG display AND full feature keyboard next to their PC. Instead of using their PC (which has all of theses features and much more on top) also as a phone device.

    nonsense! brainwash them!

  • I agree! Keep the devices to a minimum. But we should provide an option for companies and users with special needs.

    ps. i have found a picture of this phone, and i will post it asap.



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