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Customers has been asking if it is possible to forward response group calls to mobile phones using the “Forward to” or the “Simultaneous Ringing” option in Communicator 2007 R2

Microsoft has now replied to this question on the Communications Server team blog:

Simultaneous Ringing disabled for Response Group Service Calls:

Reading through the article I can understand the argument, but I think there should be an override option in the server configuration.

Please post your comment below if you have experience on this subject.


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  • So basically there is no way to configure a response group to call an 'on call' technician working remotely via cell phone… BASIC functionality on any PBX… I love OCS R2 but this is a terrible oversight… Unless I am missing something? Anyone?

  • Thanks for commenting. I agree that this is basic on most traditional PBX´s. I have even seen many that license this feature, because it is much desired . I can understand the need to control where a call to a Response Group can end up, but I still think that there should be an server option to allow this, at least for simultaneous ringing. We use this much for normal dial in to users, because the call still ends up in users Exchange Voicemail

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