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I found a cool new friend today. While testing Bing translator, i sav that the Microsoft Traslator Team had created a Translator Bot for Windows Live Messenger.

Using this bot to translate text from and to any of the following languages:
1 Arabic
2 Chinese Simplified
3 Chinese Traditional
4 Czech
5 Danish
6 Dutch
7 English
8 French
9 German
10 Greek
11 Hebrew
12 Italian
13 Japanese
14 Korean
15 Polish
16 Portuguese
17 Russian
18 Spanish
19 Swedish
20 Thai

And of course this also works from your Office Communicator. Just add the bot to your contact list, and you are ready to translate. (you will need the Public IM Connectivity)

Translation Bot for Windows Live Messenger


0 Responses to Translator Bot(TBot) in Communicator

  • Is there a way to implement this in Microsoft Office Communicator without public IM Connectivity? If not, what are the available language translation add-ons for MOC?

  • Hi John

    I am not aware of any method og plugin that does this.


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