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Access to the online archive in Exchange 2010, has until now only been possible with Outlook 2010 and Outlook WebApp. But Microsoft has released an hotfix package back in October which makes it possible to access the online archive from Outlook 2007.
Although it’s not mention in the description of the hotfix – it works – believe me.

So go ahead and request the hotfix and install it on your favorite Outlook 2007 installation.

Get from here.

December Update
The update is also included in the December update to Office 2007, from which to need to contact tech support to get.
Read about the update here

Also the access to the online archive will on work from these versions:
- Office Ultimate
- Office Professional Plus
- Office Enterprise 
You can also read in more detail about the update at the Exchange team blog


4 Responses to Howto Enable Online Archive in Outlook 2007

  • I applied it but it doesnt work for me, i hace online archive enable and accesible through OWA. But even when i deleted and re created profile for outlook 2007 (professional) archvie doesnt appear on folders list. ¿any tip?

  • Hi Eduardo

    I have a Danish version of Outlook 2007 Professional Plus, with SP2 (12.0.6545.5004), and I haven't done anything else but install the patch.
    Can you still see the Online Archive from WebApp ?


  • First and foremost, thanks for your reply.
    My version is Outlook 2007 12.0.6548.5000 SP2 MSO 12.0.6545.5004
    I can see (and use) online archive from owa but, not from outlook. Just read something about acumulative update for office 2007 officially supporting Online archives….

    lets try again. my edition is professional, maybe some limitation due to that….

  • Ok, read again and THERE are some limits on that patch as my OEM office professional is not supported (well i think none it supports, but just works)
    Be advised that this hotfix will enable personal archive functionality for the following product versions only:

    •Office Ultimate (Retail)
    •Office ProPlus (Volume License)
    •Office Enterprise (Volume License)
    •Outlook Standalone (Retail or Volume License)

    Anyway, i will have to wait
    Kind Regards!

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