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Below are the new april 2011 updates for Lync (no updates for the servers)

Lync 2010 Hotfix KB 2496325

64 bit Download
32 bit Download

Fixes in these packages:
2517766 A warning message is cut off in a localized version of Lync 2010

2517757 The “Start Recording” command is still available after you transfer audio to a PSTN telephone during a conference call in Lync 2010
2517754 The Outlook.exe process is still running after you close Outlook on a computer that has Lync 2010 installed and that is running Windows Vista
2517747 The Lync 2010 Recording Player window displays incorrect localized language in Lync 2010
2517739 A short audio delay occurs after a RGS agent accepts a call in a Lync Server 2010 environment
2517736 You take over a presentation when you double-click the “Return to Presenter’s View” button in Lync 2010
2517735 “Your online meeting invitation needs to be updated due to changed server policies.” message on a computer that has Lync 2010 installed
2517721 Lync 2010 cannot publish the “Presence” calendar data of a user
2517691 A user cannot retrieve a parked call from a paired Lync 2010 client when the orbit number contains “#” or “*”
2517673 Texts in an office application are cut off or the office application does not respond when you copy the texts from a Lync 2010 instant message input window
2503538 Lync 2010 prompts you for credentials when it is retrieving availability data through Exchange Web Services
2500416 The AVModalityPropertyChanged event is not triggered in Lync 2010 SDK
2499613 A Lync 2010 client crashes with an access violation when you click the “A” icon of an emoticon in a conversation
2498410 A user name is still in Lync 2010 after you remove the user account in AD
2497779 “Connection is not established” error message in a Lync 2010 client when an attendee is disconnected from an application-sharing session in a large conference
2464823 The Lync 2010 client crashes during a conference video call that includes ACP users

Lync 2010 Attendant Hotfix KB 2496326

Build: 7577.253


Lync 2010 Attendee Hotfix KB 2500440 – User Level Install

Build: 7577.254

Lync 2010 A
ttendee Hotfix KB 2500438 – Admin Level Install

Build: 7577.254

Lync 2010 Group Chat Hotfix KB 2500446

Build: 7577.253

Fixes in this package:

2517729 Options in the “Show Columns” submenu is inconsistent between different sessions in a Lync Server 2010, Group Chat client

2501082 The “Use friendly names in participant list and message area” command does not function correctly in a Lync 2010 Group Chat client
2501034 The “Create a Chat Room” command is available for a regular user in the Lync 2010 Group Chat client

Lync 2010 Group Chat Admin Tool Hotfix KB 2500445

Build: 7577.253

Thanks to Rasmus for the hint

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