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Monthly Archives: February 2013


The first cumulative update for Lync Server 2013 has been released:

There are’nt so much info what’s is new in this update, besides these fixes:



  • 2785193 Missed call notification for delegates who do not answer incoming calls in a Lync Server 2013 environment
  • 2785196  A PIC or unverified user can unexpectedly view your presence status in Lync 2013 in a Lync Server 2013 organization
  • 2798143 An update is available that enables you to use a Call Leg Media Quality Report in a Lync Server 2013 environment →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

If you are running Exchange 2007 SP3 and needs the latest update for Exchange 2007 or want to update to Exchange 2013 then you will need this update.

For Coexistence with Exchange 2013 you will also need CU1 for Exchange 2013.






Update 6 for Exchange Server 2010 SP2 has been released, so if you not ready for Service pack 3 or Exchange 2013 yet, then this is the update for you.



  • 2489941 The “legacyExchangeDN” value is shown in the “From” field instead of the “Simple Display Name” in an email message in an Exchange Server 2010 environment
  • 2717453 You cannot move or delete a folder by using Outlook in online mode in an Exchange Server 2010 environment
  • 2733608 Corrupted Japanese DBCS characters when you send a meeting request or post a reply to a posted item in a public folder in an Exchange Server 2010 environment
  • 2734635 Folder-associated information (FAI) items are deleted when you run the New-InboxRule cmdlet or change Inbox rules in an Exchange Server 2010 environment
  • 2737046 AutoPreview feature does not work when you use Outlook in online mode in an Exchange Server 2010 environment →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

The new servicepack 3 for Exchange Server 2010 has been ready for download the last week or so.

So what do you get with SP3, besides the usual fixes:

  • Coexistence with Exchange 2013, so you can start right away after to deploy the next big version of Exchange. (you will need the new CU1 fore Exchange 2013)
  • Support for Windows 2012. SP3 is a full slipstreamed version of Exchange, which you now can deploy on Windows 2012.
  • Support for IE10 – you can now enjoy OWA from you Surface Pro with IE10.


Read more about it here and here

Download it here


An update for the Lync Phone Edition for Polycom CX500, Polycom CX600 and Polycom CX3000 has been released.

The build is: 7577.4372


  • 2703325 Updates are available that enable the “Music on Hold” feature on Lync Phone Edition telephones
  • 2781616  Description of the cumulative updates for Lync Phone Edition that add support for additional languages
  • 2781617 A common area phone that is running Lync Phone Edition does not try to sign in after the Front End server restarts
  • 2802790 Graphic output is not displayed correctly on the screen of a Polycom telephone that is running Lync Phone Edition
  • 2781618 A white screen or a white horizontal line appears on a Polycom telephone that is running Lync Phone Edition
  • 2781620 White lines appear on the screen of a Polycom telephone that is running Lync Phone Edition





On a Windows Server 2012 with Exchange 2013 installed, you might have a problem with emails getting stuck in the submission queue, and after 2 days you get an NDR message:

#550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired; message expired ##

I had this problem with meeting invites that contains an html signature and on some e-mails.

The problem is related to Exchange 2013 when it is installed on Windows 2012.


Workaround is not to use RTF formatted emails, and don’t use my signature in meeting invites.

I have also changed the transport service so messages will expire after 1 hour, and notifying the users that the RTF formatted email could not be delivered.

You can change the transport service with this command:

Set-TransportService “SERVERNAME” -MessageExpirationTimeout 01:00:00


The problem should be fixed in a future update for Exchange 2013.



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