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On a Windows Server 2012 with Exchange 2013 installed, you might have a problem with emails getting stuck in the submission queue, and after 2 days you get an NDR message:

#550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired; message expired ##

I had this problem with meeting invites that contains an html signature and on some e-mails.

The problem is related to Exchange 2013 when it is installed on Windows 2012.


Workaround is not to use RTF formatted emails, and don’t use my signature in meeting invites.

I have also changed the transport service so messages will expire after 1 hour, and notifying the users that the RTF formatted email could not be delivered.

You can change the transport service with this command:

Set-TransportService “SERVERNAME” -MessageExpirationTimeout 01:00:00


The problem should be fixed in a future update for Exchange 2013.


2 Responses to Mails gets stuck in the submission queue

  • Do you know if this issue is fixed in any update off Exchange 2013?

    I have a Exchange 2013 with SP1 CU7 installed on a Windows server 2012 and we experience the same issues.

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