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Just had an issue were an DPM 2010 keep failing on backup of an Exchange 2010 server.

Both consistency check and create recovery point failed on the server.

The Error in the DPM log was

Description:    Recovery point creation jobs for Exchange Mailbox Database National2010 on mail03-mbx.contoso.com have been failing. The number of failed recovery point creation jobs = 25.

If the datasource protected is SharePoint, then click on the Error Details to view the list of databases for which recovery point creation failed. (ID 3114)

DPM encountered an error while performing an operation for E:ExchangeNational-Log on mail03-mbx.contoso.com (ID 2033 Details: The system cannot find the path specified (0x80070003))



Both the path and the server was fine when I checked it.

When I looked in the error logs on the Exchange server in:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Data Protection ManagerDPMTemp

I found these entries:

WARNING       Failed: Hr: = [0x80070003] : Failed creating enumeration file C:Program FilesMicrosoft Data Protection ManagerDPMTempMTA__enum{3F6CD6CB-EF6B-4B6F-8B7C-DE2600F94869}

I didn’t have the MTA directory under the TEMP directory, so I created it, and bingo, the backup runs again.


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