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In the Lync Server 2013 CU2 update and the July update a new great feature has seen the daylight.

(get the updates here)


So the great new feature is a Q&A manager for Lync meetings.

I often participate in large Lync meetings where someone is making a great presentation with for example powerpoint.

And then sometimes I have questions or the other participants have questions which they write in the chat window, and then the presenter at some point tries to answer all the questions from the chat window, however until now this have not always been a great experience – You will know if you have tried it.


So with CU2 and the July update for the Lync 2013 client you now have the possibility to add Q&A to your Lync meetings – in the same way you share a powerpoint, program etc.

So this is how is looks:

When you start the Q&A, Lync will automatically turn of IM’s in the meeting. If you turn Q&A off again it will return.


So when you are presenting an powerpoint you will notice that, in the bottom of the screen you have got a new navigation:

The “Content Stage” which is the powerpoint and the “Q&A” for the questions and answers.

You will have the same in the Lync Web App.


The participant can switch from the powerpoint and the Q&A and the presenter can at the end or when he want see the questions and answer them:


The presenter can at any time stop the Q&A and save it. The participant also has the possibility to save a copy of the Q&A.


So how do you configure it – as a default it is enabled in the conferencing policies.

You can remove the users possibility to use it by removing the check mark.

You can off course also see it from powershell with:


And if you want turn it off with

Set-CsConferencingPolicy –Identity “Policy Name” –AllowQandA 0

But who wants that J


So, go play with it and make your users happy by upgrading to Lync 2013 and the CU2






One Response to New feature in Lync 2013: Q&A

  • Hi,
    indeed cool Feature. But do you know if a) it is possible to enable editing of a once given answer? and b) give a 2nd answer to a once answered question? Both seems not to be possible and These are bad restrictions to my mind…

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