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Today I had a case at a customer where the PSTN users, which dial in to a Lync Conference, was only shown as “Guest Guest” like below:

The number which is normally shown on mobile users wasn’t there.

I did some traces and found calls that came from the customers Audiocodes Mediant 1000 did not send a display name that Lync can use:

The trace look like this:

And this

After checking the configuration on the Mediant 1000 I found this parameter:

After setting this to Yes

Then the conference shows the PSTN users with their phone number as I would have expected.

The sip trace now shows this:

And this


Case solved J

2 Responses to PSTN users only shows as guest

  • I have the exact same setup and fixed it the same way. However, how can I get my numbers to translate to a name? The number shows up but it should be able to translate the number to a name because this number is in the GAL for a user. When calling from a mobile to a phone directly the caller ID works but not when its a conference call.

  • Where exactly we need to change? whether the mediation server or gateway server configuration?

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