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Before Christmas, I had a customer, which want to use location service in Lync to display where the users is located within the building.

Because we are located in Denmark, and we don’t have Enhanced 911 or Enhanced 112 as it is called in Europe, the location information is only information to the colleagues.


You can define location service in different ways – by Wifi Access Points, By Switch, Switch port or by Subnets.

I will in this post only show how to define the locations on wifi – but with location service it’s also possible to assign polices which restrict the users bandwidth usage.

Location Service on WIFI

Location service on wifi is relative simple and it is setup using this cmdlet:


See http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg412723.aspx for details.


So what you need to know is that:

  • BSSID is the Wifi Access Points MAC address
  • If you have several wifi names (with different security like “CorpWifi” and “GuestWifi”) each will have it’s own BSSID address where the last digits is changed. The easiest way to find the BSSID is with inSSIDer (http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/).

    In the below example I have an Access Point which has two SSID (Mille300 and Mille24) – Take a look at the MAC address.


  • In larger wifi networks where you have a central controller, you can assume that the last digits is the same across all access points (but see you wifi guy to make sure about this).

    With that I mean if you have two Access Points with these MAC addresses:



    Then the BSSID MAC address for the above Example for “Mille300″ will be:



  • The Location Name has a limit of 20 characters – like “HQ, Building 230″

An example of the complete cmdlet looks like this (Remember that you will need one command for each unique BSSID)

Set-CsLisWirelessAccessPoint -BSSID 20-4e-7f-77-e6-cf -Description ‘HQ WLAN’ -Location ‘HQ 1st floor’ -Companyname ‘Exchangepro’ -housenumber 2025 -Streetname ‘The Road to Nowhere’ -City ‘Haslev’ -Postalcode 90210 -Country DK

When you have created the Access point publish the information to the Location Service in Lync with this command:


Logoff you Lync client and login again to see the location information.

By default the Lync client will update its location every 4 hour – you can change it with this command:

Set-CsLocationPolicy -LocationRefreshInterval 1

You might experience that the location is not updated, at ones if you switch from one access point to another if you move you laptop to another part of the building. (You can force an update by logoff and logon in Lync)

An issue that you also might see is that if you have several access points you might not connect to the closest one, and thereby might get an work location name – to plan and test the location and decide what names to use).

The wifi location services will not work if you have the HyperV role installed on your laptop and has a vSwitch defined on the wifi card.


Also have a look at this post http://exchangepro.dk/2014/01/08/use-location-service-on-a-wired-network/

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