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I started Friday the 14th February my trip to the Lync Conference 2014 in Las Vegas., I started my flight from Copenhagen to Las Vegas with a small stop in London for changing plane.

After 16 hours, I landed in the middle of the desert in the city of Las Vegas, where the Lync Conference is this year.

After the standard security check in the airport I login to the Aria Resort and Casino where I’m staying for the days in the US and were the conference is.

The hotel it enormous with over 4000 rooms and suits, and like everything in Las Vegas, a huge casino, a lot of restaurants, bars etc.

After a little bit of food in one of my favorite places when I’m traveling it was time to get some sleep and get rid of my any jetlag and the fact that my inner clock is 9 hours wrong.

Yes, and after 2 hours of sleep I was awake and very fresh – 3 am in the morning….

But the great thing about that was, that I was still in timesync with the family at home.

Lync of course works when I’m outside my office so it’s very easy to dial them.






Saturday was big shopping day and with “President days” in the stores a lot of good offers was secured…

Sunday was an explore day, which started (still not fully aligned with the Pacific time zone), very early by driving to Hoover Dam to have a look on how my equipment is powered in Las Vegas.

Very impressing structure and build, and also fun to change state and time zone when walking the dam.

After a couple of hours in Hoover Dam, I drove to Furnace Creak in Death Valley, to see how a very dry place looks.

After a couple of hours driving around in Death Valley, I took a small detour home on small roads to the hotel – it’s rare that I drive in the night without meeting or seeing other cars.

And with that, I ended my day after being in two different time zone and in three states and had a very exciting day with a lot of new impressions.

From now on – it will be all Lync, when the pre-conference starts tomorrow with deploying Office 365 and welcome reception in the evening.

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