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I stopped by one of the vendors today that I’m preferring for switchboard and contact center solutions at my customers, to talk with Bjarne Henriksen, Partner from Competella about a new product they will release within a couple of months.


The product is called: Competella Call Distributor

The Call Distributor is essential an replacement for response group service in Lync Server 2013, which in many areas are good, but after my opium is also missing some more advanced controls and call handling.


When you are using response groups in Lync, it will not be able to leverage the settings you have made like call forwarding or sim-ring etc. which for some customers is annoying because they can’t answer response group calls on their mobile phone.

Also if there are not agents logged in to the response group, the caller must wait for the defined timeout value before they are transferred to another queue or number – this is also annoying, if you have a support staff which must answer a helpdesk, but at the same time is sitting at his computer all the time.

The Call Distributor will solve these issues, and that without installing any third party clients on the agents computers. They only need to sign in to the response group from a web page.

The feature set for the Call Distributor will be:

  • Greeting message
  • Support for Simultaneous Ringing
  • Automatic call distribution: supports longest idle, serial call, round Robin and parallel ringing
  • Call queuing with Music-on-hold
  • Web-based configuration of greeting messages, opening hours, overflow actions etc.
  • Agents can be connected to multiple queues
  • Calls can be distributed to soft/hard phones and mobile phones.
  • Agents can log in/out to a queue using a Web application (also from a mobile phone)
  • Call Distributor can be combined with Competella IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Traffic analysis reports (incoming calls, abandoned calls, recalls, handling time, queue time, answering time for queues and agents)
  • Scalable from single server configurations to large High availability solutions with Load Balancing using Hardware Load Balancers.
  • Support for advanced overflow action, like no agents login to queue.
  • Support for SQL Mirroring Cluster


The Call Distributor will require a small server for the backend to run on, and sizing on the server will be depended on how many users are in a queue at a give time.

Below is a couple of screen dumps of the administration side of Call Distributor

Picture showing how to define agents


Picture showing how to define the actual queues


As I said in the start, the product should be released very soon, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hand on it, and as with the other products I have worked with from Competella, you will get what they are promising and it will work.

2 Responses to RGS Replacement – Competella Call Distributor

  • Hi,

    When is comptella call distributor being released and how will it be licensed.

    I am looking for something highly scalable that can provide hunt group functionality for up to 10000 agents that is not licensed per user due to the high number of users. Lync response groups provide more than enough functionality but it is very limited when it comes to scalability (1200 active agents) hence the reason I am leaving this comment.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Rich

      The Competella CCD is almost here – I doing my first installation in 2 weeks time.
      It will be licensed per agent so it will cost cost you something. But Competella is a small Company so I’m very sure that they would be able to provide you with some very good prices and will be very interested in talking to you.
      I’m not aware of any other products that can provide you with the functionallity that respons groups have with out you need to pay for them.
      I have in the past also been using Dolphin Q – but there are also a per agent cost. The problem is that because you are outside the scalebility of Lync, then you need a third part, and then there will be some costs.

      Sent me an email with your contact details, if you would like to talk to Competella, then I will forward it to my contact.


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