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In case you missed the Lync Conference 2014 Keynote, here is a small summary of the most important key takeaways.

The keynote was presented by Giovanni Mezgec, General Manager for Product Marketing, Microsoft Lync and Skype and Gurdeep Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President for Lync & Skype Engineering and Derek Burney, Corporate Vice President for Strategic Relations and Solutions.

The keynote started by Mr. Giovanni Mezgec and Mr. Gurdeel Singh Pall which summaries the conference and the progress from the early days until now with the latest clients etc.

Also they told about that:

  • There are 1600 Participants for the conference
  • 87 Sponsors at the conference
  • 177 Sessions

Mr. Derek Burney had the pleasure to demo the different Lync Lync clients and the progress that has been made doing the last year or so.

The keynote didn’t reveal any big news or at least not many of them.

What was revealed, was that in the next version of Lync Server it will be possible to natively communicating with Cisco Tandberg VTC systems. This was also shown in a demo as you can see below.

The next thing they revealed was that within a couple of month’s Lync will support video calls to and from Skype, which is good, and a feature we have been waiting for quite some time.

The last thing Mr. Gurdeep Singh Pall talked about was the vision for the next decade, and how the focus will change and they expect to have 1 billion users using Microsoft technology like Skype and Lync with the next decade.

As part of that they changed the well known Unified Communication Name to Universal Communications.

It’s explained in a little bit more detail here


If you want to see the keynote – it was recorded and can be found here

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