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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Last week I was at a customer, which had problems with the Unified Messaging in Exchange 2013. The problem was that the voicemail was never delivered to the users mailbox, and the notification for missing call was also missing.

The voicemail policy and dialplan looks fine and so did the Lync configuration. I could connect to the users voicemail and was also redirected fine if a user didn’t answer the phone. But the messages was never delivered to the end user.

The eventlog didn’t show anything.

So to get some more information about what is happing inside the UM service I turned on logging and restarted the service.

Get-EventlogLevel “EXCH15\MSExchange Unified Messaging\UMCORE” | Set-EventlogLevel -Level high

After making a call to a user voicemail I received an error in the eventlog: →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading


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