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Friday the 5th December 2014 was a very big day – this was the day that Microsoft finally added video support between Lync and Skype.

Since it was maked possible to do audio calls last year between Lync and Skype, many has missed the video part, which is native when doing Skype calls.

In the first version the video calling is possible from the Skype Desktop Client and to and from the Lync 2013 for Windows and Windows Phone.

Lets see if the iPhone, Android, Windows App etc. clients is updated soon so they also get this possibility.


So how does it look ?


Great J

And from Lync Mobile – also Great J


So what do you need to set it up – not much…

If you already have federation with Skype, then you are good to go, and you just need to click the video button make and make your first lync to skype video call.

If you haven’t setup up the Skype federation yet, then look here: http://exchangepro.dk/2013/05/30/lync-skype-integration-now-available/


So when looking at the Lync monitor server reveals this:

Which is not much other that Microsoft has a fine new Lync to Skype Gateway…but the audio stream shows that we are using the Silk Codec from the Lync mobile which is native to Skype and used by millions of users.

And the video stream is H.264

In the comings months we will properly begin to see more to the Silk codec, which should perform better on Wifi networks and other connections.


This is all for now – go happy-skyping with your favorite skype friends and keep support Lync (or Skype for business) when you really want a 1st class Collaboration solution.


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