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The big date has arrived – the Skype for Business Client has finally arrived, in form of an update on Windows Update.

The Skype for Business client formerly known as Lync will properly also shown up a single download on MSDN and Premier download in a near future.


So head over to the Windows Update and check for new updates and get the new Skype for Business Client

I will not tell you how to disable the SfB GUI which is possible if you are madly in love with the “legacy” Lync GUI – just google it if you think your users will have difficult with the new GUI.

If you haven’t updated your Lync 2013 servers to the December or February patch then, the SfB client will auto revert to the old GUI when it starts up


I have been running the preview version of SfB the last couple of months, and I absolutely love it – I have for now two features that I love.

The first one is the smileys which are now animated, and super cool


The second think I love is call control which is always shown – also when you switch you other programs or are in a remote session with a server.



So the days where you struggle to end a call after talking with a user is finally over.

If you want to know more about the other new features in the new client, head over here to read more.


Around May 1st the Skype for Business Server will arrive, which is also going to be cool – if you haven’t heard about it yet – then look forward to all my new blog posts.


Happy Skype’ing

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