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December Updates to Exchange Server

Joachim Dissing : 09/12/2014 18:34 : Exchange

Microsoft has released a set of updates for Exchange 2007, 2010 and Exchange 2013.

The complete bug fix list is not available at the moment – but have a look at the Exchange teams post here for more informations about the bug fixes and importent improvements.


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Voicemail not delivered to mailbox

Joachim Dissing : 06/05/2014 16:13 : Exchange, Exchange 2013

Last week I was at a customer, which had problems with the Unified Messaging in Exchange 2013. The problem was that the voicemail was never delivered to the users mailbox, and the notification for missing call was also missing.

The voicemail policy and dialplan looks fine and so did the Lync configuration. I could connect to the users voicemail and was also redirected fine if a user didn’t answer the phone. But the messages was never delivered to the end user.

The eventlog didn’t show anything.

So to get some more information about what is happing inside the UM service I turned on logging and restarted the service.

Get-EventlogLevel “EXCH15\MSExchange Unified Messaging\UMCORE” | Set-EventlogLevel -Level high

After making a call to a user voicemail I received an error in the eventlog: more »


Exchange 2013 SP1 Architecture Poster

Joachim Dissing : 24/04/2014 23:16 : Exchange, Exchange 2013

After the release of service pack 1 for Exchange 2013 the Architecture poster has been updated:

Get your own copy here and print it in large scale for your wall



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Updated Visio Stencils for Lync and Exchange

Joachim Dissing : 24/04/2014 22:28 : Exchange, Lync

If you ever make drawings of a Lync or Exchange then you should get the updated Visio stencils, which has been updated.

more »

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Install Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1

Joachim Dissing : 10/03/2014 22:05 : Exchange, Exchange 2013

In this post, I will guide you through the process of installing Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1 on either Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2.

I have in my time as consultant installed a service pack on quite a lot Exchange servers, and before I’m installing a service pack, I also have a “checklist” which much be in place before I start the installation.


So what you need to do, is:

  1. Calculate approx. 1-2 hours for the installation depending on how fast your server is.
  2. Make sure you have a backup, also on your CAS servers. more »
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Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007 Updates

Joachim Dissing : 26/02/2014 09:38 : Exchange, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 5 to Exchange Server 2010 SP3 which contains these fixes:

  • 2887459 Public folder expiry time is set incorrectly in Exchange Server 2010 SP3
  • 2892257 Email items are lost when you move items between shared folders by using EWS delegate access
  • 2897935 “Cannot save the object ‘FolderName'” error message when you try to replicate Exchange Server 2010 public folders
  • 2898908 EdgeTransport.exe crashes if the From field is empty in an email message more »
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Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1 Released

Joachim Dissing : 26/02/2014 09:14 : Exchange, Exchange 2013

Microsoft has today released Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2013, which contains a lot of new features and updates.

Have a look at the new features here and get the update here


Learn how to install Exchange Server 2013 SP1 on Windows Server 2012 R2 here


Service Pack 1 for Sharepoint 2013 and Office 2013 has also been released which you can find here

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Open Specification Posters

Joachim Dissing : 22/02/2014 23:04 : Exchange, Lync

Microsoft has made an Open Specification posters with download links to all relevant documents.

Really cool – Get them here:


Lync more »

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Use Lync and Exchange Better together – Part 4

Joachim Dissing : 11/02/2014 23:08 : Exchange, Exchange 2013, Lync, Lync 2013, Powershell

In my series about using Lync and Exchange better together, we will in this post, be looking at integrating Lync and Exchange so that we can use Exchange as a unified contact store.


What is Unified Contact store you might ask?

Before we got Lync 2013 and Exchange 2013, both products have there own way of storing the users contacts.

Lync can store contacts in Exchange or actually in Outlook in a Lync Contact folder, which is synchronized, and this sometimes can cause problems if they get out of sync. more »


Use Lync and Exchange Better together – Part 3

Joachim Dissing : 28/01/2014 22:57 : Exchange, Exchange 2013, Exchange UM, Lync, Lync Server 2013, Office 365

In my series of using Lync and Exchange better together, I’m showing how to integrate these two great products with each other.


Use Voicemail in Office 365

In part 2 we were setting up Lync to use voicemail in Exchange 2013 and that works great, but when I wrote that post, I realized that not all companies have an on premises Exchange but instead are using Exchange in Office 365.

So in this post we will have a look on how to integrate an onpremises Lync Server 2013 with Exchange Online, and place the voicemail in there. more »

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Use Lync and Exchange Better together – Part 2

Joachim Dissing : 24/01/2014 01:34 : Exchange, Exchange UM, Lync, Lync 2013, Lync Server 2013, Powershell

In my new series we started by looking at integrating Lync and Exchange so that we could use Chat and Presence in Outlook Web Access and get a more rich experience when these great products is used together.

Setup Voicemail

In this post we will have a look at the Voicemail capabilities in Exchange Unified Messaging and how to set it up.

I will be using Exchange 2013 and Lync 2013, but the process for using Exchange 2010 is almost the same.

As you might know, in Exchange 2013 the Unified Messaging role is installed on all servers as default whereas in Exchange 2010 it was a role you need to install, either separate or together with some of the other roles. more »

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Use Lync and Exchange Better together – Part 1

Joachim Dissing : 19/01/2014 17:21 : Exchange, Exchange 2013, Lync, Lync Server 2013

This is my brand new series on how to use Lync and Exchange better together and get the riches experience with these great products together.

I will in this series show you how Lync and Exchange can integrate with each other, so you can get the full potential with the products.


Chat and Presence in OWA

Let us start by the basic and setup chat and presence in Outlook Web Access.

When I look in my OWA, I don’t have any presence status on my contacts:

And also I’m not able to sign to Lync from OWA more »


What feature is Exchange missing?

Joachim Dissing : 10/12/2013 23:13 : Exchange

Exchange is a great product, but have you ever missed a feature that it really needs to make it even better.

Submit your idea at Ideascale and perhaps you are lucky that the Exchange Team will pick it up and implement it in a future version.

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Critical Security Update for Exchange Server

Joachim Dissing : 10/12/2013 23:03 : Exchange, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013


Microsoft has released a critical security update which, if not implemented could lead to remote code execution on the Exchange Server.
They problem affects both Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013.

Read about it here: MS13-105

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New update – Exchange 2013 CU3

Joachim Dissing : 25/11/2013 22:10 : Exchange, Exchange 2013

Exchange Server 2013 CU3 has been released and contains fixes for several critical problems in Exchange 2013, and Microsoft recommends it to all customers.

As with the other Exchange 2013 updates this version is a complete installation, so on new installation of Exchaneg 2013, you don’t need to install the RTM or any other versions first.

Have a look at the Exchange Team blog for importen information about this update

Get the update here

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Registration open for MEC and LyncConf

Joachim Dissing : 02/10/2013 08:05 : Exchange, Lync

The registration for the two most exciting events next year is now open.

It is MEC and LyncConf.


LyncConf will be held in Las Vegas from February 18 – February 20 2014, and the rumor says it will be much larger than last year.

Registration site is here: http://lyncconf.com

  more »

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Critical update for Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013

Joachim Dissing : 28/08/2013 23:58 : Exchange, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013

Microsoft has found a critical problem in the WebReady Document Viewing and Data Loss Prevention modules of Exchange, which can lead to remote code execution in Exchange.

See the Security Bulletin MS13-061 from Microsoft and download the updates to you favorite Exchange version.




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Cumulative update 1 for Exchange Server 2013

Joachim Dissing : 02/04/2013 20:28 : Exchange, Exchange 2013

The Exchange Team has released CU1 for Exchange 2013.

With this update it is now possible to migrate from Exchange 2010, which require that you have SP3 installed.

Besides hotfixes in the update it also new functionality to Exchange 2013, which you can read about here.

The update is in the new update format, which means that the download is a complete exchange installation, which you besides upgrading an existing installation also can install a completely fresh installation with this update. Read about the new service module here.

This update also marks the end of my participation in the Exchange TAP program, which I have been part of, for the last year, and have given me a lot of knowledge about Exchange 2013 and coexisting with Exchange 2007/2010.

You can get the update here.


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DPM 2010 fails on Exchange 2010 backup

Joachim Dissing : 11/03/2013 20:18 : Exchange, Exchange 2010

Just had an issue were an DPM 2010 keep failing on backup of an Exchange 2010 server.

Both consistency check and create recovery point failed on the server.

The Error in the DPM log was

Description:    Recovery point creation jobs for Exchange Mailbox Database National2010 on mail03-mbx.contoso.com have been failing. The number of failed recovery point creation jobs = 25.

If the datasource protected is SharePoint, then click on the Error Details to view the list of databases for which recovery point creation failed. (ID 3114)

DPM encountered an error while performing an operation for E:ExchangeNational-Log on mail03-mbx.contoso.com (ID 2033 Details: The system cannot find the path specified (0x80070003)) more »

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PST Capture version 2

Joachim Dissing : 27/02/2013 20:39 : Exchange, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013

A new version of pst capture has been released. Go get it here if you want to get rid of you old pst files.


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