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PSTN in Skype4B Online later this year

Joachim Dissing : 19/03/2015 07:39 : Office 365, Skype4B

Microsoft has in a new blog post announced that Enterprise Voice will come in a technical preview in the US this summer, and rollout later this year, follow by a global rollout.

The connection is made though partners and the new Azure ExpressRoute to Office 365.

This is going to be exciding to follow, and see if they can overcome latency, jitter, packetloss  and all the other fun stuff we can have in the onpremises installation.


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Watch your favorite Skype friends from Lync

Joachim Dissing : 07/12/2014 20:35 : Lync 2013, Skype4B

Friday the 5th December 2014 was a very big day – this was the day that Microsoft finally added video support between Lync and Skype.

Since it was maked possible to do audio calls last year between Lync and Skype, many has missed the video part, which is native when doing Skype calls.

In the first version the video calling is possible from the Skype Desktop Client and to and from the Lync 2013 for Windows and Windows Phone.

Lets see if the iPhone, Android, Windows App etc. clients is updated soon so they also get this possibility.


So how does it look ?


Great J

And from Lync Mobile – also Great J


So what do you need to set it up – not much…

If you already have federation with Skype, then you are good to go, and you just need to click the video button make and make your first lync to skype video call.

If you haven’t setup up the Skype federation yet, then look here: http://exchangepro.dk/2013/05/30/lync-skype-integration-now-available/


So when looking at the Lync monitor server reveals this:

Which is not much other that Microsoft has a fine new Lync to Skype Gateway…but the audio stream shows that we are using the Silk Codec from the Lync mobile which is native to Skype and used by millions of users.

And the video stream is H.264

In the comings months we will properly begin to see more to the Silk codec, which should perform better on Wifi networks and other connections.


This is all for now – go happy-skyping with your favorite skype friends and keep support Lync (or Skype for business) when you really want a 1st class Collaboration solution.


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Updated Lync 2013 Apps

Joachim Dissing : 24/04/2014 14:41 : Lync, Lync Mobile

Microsoft has updated the Lync mobile 2013 apps

It has changed slightly in the appearance:

The new version is: 5.4.1087.0 more »

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Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007 Updates

Joachim Dissing : 26/02/2014 09:38 : Exchange, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 5 to Exchange Server 2010 SP3 which contains these fixes:

  • 2887459 Public folder expiry time is set incorrectly in Exchange Server 2010 SP3
  • 2892257 Email items are lost when you move items between shared folders by using EWS delegate access
  • 2897935 “Cannot save the object ‘FolderName'” error message when you try to replicate Exchange Server 2010 public folders
  • 2898908 EdgeTransport.exe crashes if the From field is empty in an email message more »
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Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1 Released

Joachim Dissing : 26/02/2014 09:14 : Exchange, Exchange 2013

Microsoft has today released Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2013, which contains a lot of new features and updates.

Have a look at the new features here and get the update here


Learn how to install Exchange Server 2013 SP1 on Windows Server 2012 R2 here


Service Pack 1 for Sharepoint 2013 and Office 2013 has also been released which you can find here

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Open Specification Posters

Joachim Dissing : 22/02/2014 23:04 : Exchange, Lync

Microsoft has made an Open Specification posters with download links to all relevant documents.

Really cool – Get them here:


Lync more »

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LyncConf14 Wrap Up

Joachim Dissing : 22/02/2014 22:51 : LyncConf14

I’m just at the end of my LyncConf14 journey with this post which is a wrap up of the days, at the Lync Conference 2014 in Las Vegas.

The Conference it self lasted for 2 ½ day – with sessions from 8:30 to 17:30 each day – last day to 12:00.

After my opinion it could easily have been one more day with all the great sessions that was scheduled.

My main sessions was Lync Enterprise Voice and Lync video and best practices around that and how to troubleshoot quality issues.

Most of these sessions was really great and learning full and I defiantly have something to work with, at my customers to make sure they get the best quality in their Lync experience. more »

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RGS Replacement – Competella Call Distributor

Joachim Dissing : 19/02/2014 03:06 : Lync Server 2013, LyncConf14

I stopped by one of the vendors today that I’m preferring for switchboard and contact center solutions at my customers, to talk with Bjarne Henriksen, Partner from Competella about a new product they will release within a couple of months.


The product is called: Competella Call Distributor

The Call Distributor is essential an replacement for response group service in Lync Server 2013, which in many areas are good, but after my opium is also missing some more advanced controls and call handling.


When you are using response groups in Lync, it will not be able to leverage the settings you have made like call forwarding or sim-ring etc. which for some customers is annoying because they can’t answer response group calls on their mobile phone. more »


Universal Communication – Keynote from Las Vegas

Joachim Dissing : 19/02/2014 02:28 : LyncConf14

In case you missed the Lync Conference 2014 Keynote, here is a small summary of the most important key takeaways.

more »

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LyncConf14 Kickoff

Joachim Dissing : 18/02/2014 08:25 : LyncConf14

Monday is the official kickoff day for the LyncConf14, which started with an Welcome Reception powered by all the sponsors.

The welcome reception is the first chance for the sponsors, to show what they can do for Lync, and present new products. It is also a great possibility to network with fellow Lync colleagues.

Here are some pictures from the night.

more »

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LyncConf14 – T-1 Week

Joachim Dissing : 09/02/2014 22:08 : Lync, LyncConf14

The time is near… In only one week, I will be in Las Vegas and waiting for the Lync Conference of the year – #LyncConf14 to start.

My expectation to the conference is very high, and I defiantly hope that I will learn something new at my stay.


I will on Friday the February 14 depart from Copenhagen to London – a small 2 hour flight – more »

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Have you talked with your Lync today ?

Joachim Dissing : 23/01/2014 21:47 : Lync, Lync Mobile

If not, then it is time to talk to Lync and tell it what to do.

What I’m I talking about? The Lync Mobile 2013 client has been updated to version 5.3.1037.0 on Windows Phone edition, and now you can give the phone voice commands by holding down the Windows Logo.

Below is a screen dump of the commands it understand.

more »

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January 2014 Updates for Lync Phone Edition

Joachim Dissing : 09/01/2014 13:21 : Lync, Lync Phone Edition

The Lync phone edition has also been updated here in January.


Lync Phone Edition for HP 4110 and HP 4120

Build: 7577.4420

The update contains these fixes:

  • 2918039 Voice is distorted when you resume a call from hold by using Lync Phone Edition for Aries telephone
  • 2918044 Exchange integration fails in Lync Phone Edition when an Exchange mailbox is enabled for the Exchange Online service more »
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January 2014 updates for Lync 2010

Joachim Dissing : 09/01/2014 12:56 : Lync, Lync 2010, Lync Server 2010

Microsoft has released new updates to Lync Server 2010 and the Lync 2010 client.


Lync Server 2010

Build: 7577.225

There are no public information about this fix other than the standard “improves the reliability, stability, and performance of Lync Server 2010″ K

Get the update here


more »

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January 2014 Updates for Lync Server 2013

Joachim Dissing : 09/01/2014 12:14 : Lync, Lync Server 2013

Microsoft has released new updates to Lync Server 2013.


Lync Server 2013 CU4

Build: 8308.577

There is no reports yet if it contains any new features – perhaps they are saying them for Service Pack 1 which is expected soon.

But the update fixes these issues:

more »

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Critical Security Update for Exchange Server

Joachim Dissing : 10/12/2013 23:03 : Exchange, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013


Microsoft has released a critical security update which, if not implemented could lead to remote code execution on the Exchange Server.
They problem affects both Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013.

Read about it here: MS13-105

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New update – Exchange 2013 CU3

Joachim Dissing : 25/11/2013 22:10 : Exchange, Exchange 2013

Exchange Server 2013 CU3 has been released and contains fixes for several critical problems in Exchange 2013, and Microsoft recommends it to all customers.

As with the other Exchange 2013 updates this version is a complete installation, so on new installation of Exchaneg 2013, you don’t need to install the RTM or any other versions first.

Have a look at the Exchange Team blog for importen information about this update

Get the update here

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Lync 2013 client improvements in the November Update

Joachim Dissing : 13/11/2013 22:40 : Lync, Lync 2013

The new November update for the Lync 2013 client has been released which contains some new features:


The first thing you will notice is that the profile pictures is in lined in chat communications, like you have it on Lync Mobile:

more »


Lync Server 2013 supported on Windows Server 2012 R2

Joachim Dissing : 27/10/2013 19:22 : Lync, Lync Server 2013

With the October update Lync Server 2013 is now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2 according to Doug Deitterick’s blog http://blogs.technet.com/b/dodeitte/archive/2013/10/25/lync-server-2013-now-supported-on-windows-server-2012-r2.aspx.

Get the October update here and read about how to install Lync Server 2013 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 here


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Lync Server 2013 CU3 Update

Joachim Dissing : 08/10/2013 21:39 : Lync, Lync Server 2013

Microsoft has relased Lync Server 2013 CU3 (October 2013), which contains a number of fixes (one of them I reported to MSJ)

You can get the updates here: http://exchangepro.dk/updates/lync/lync-2013-updates/

The biggest update in the release seems to be to the Call Park Service, where it now possible to get transferred to a operator when pressing *0 in a dialin conference.

The other updates includes this:

Core Components

more »

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